April 14, 2024: IDF: Video announcement of the IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, regarding missiles launched from Iranian territory:


English translation of the announcement:

A short while ago, Iran launched missiles from its territory toward the territory of the State of Israel.
Please be alert and act according to the Home Front Command’s guidelines.
The Home Front Command’s alert system can provide real-time alerts in areas of danger.
I remind you that no matter where the threat is launched from, when an alarm sounds you must enter the shelter and wait there for no less than ten minutes.
We will update in real-time if you are required to stay there for a longer period.
The Aerial Defense Array is fully operational and is intercepting threats wherever required, even at this very moment. At this time, numerous IAF planes are in the air, ready to counter any threat.
You may hear explosions from interceptions or debris falling.
Since there are a variety of threats, the alerts may be issued across wide areas.
I urge you to refrain from spreading unverified rumors and reports.
Please stay updated with the announcements of the IDF Spokesperson and the official guidelines of the Home Front Command.
Continue to act responsibly and calmly as you have been and adhere to the instructions.
We are strong and capable of handling this event.
The IDF will do whatever it takes to protect the citizens of the State of Israel.
In the next hour, I will appear here again and provide updates on any developments.

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