April 17, 2024: IDF: The 91st Division completed an extensive exercise in the northern arena focused on defensive and offensive scenarios

As part of the IDF’s accelerated readiness for strength in the northern arena, an extensive exercise was completed yesterday (Monday) in the Galilee under the command of the 91st Division and in cooperation with the Israeli Air Force, the Israel Police, and Search and Rescue Forces.

The exercise is a significant part of the division’s preparations for a range of scenarios in the north, dealing with complex terrain, challenging weather conditions, and multi-casualty events.

All forces in the region, including regional defense officers and members of the civilian rapid response teams in various communities; Israel Police and rescue forces; armored and engineering units; and brigades of the division – are operating to maintain full readiness for a strong defense of the Upper Galilee and an offensive in Lebanon.

Footage from the exercise: https://bit.ly/44ajvvC

Related pictures: https://idfanc.activetrail.biz/ANC1703627

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