Dec. 05 – IDF: IDF troops operated against Hamas strongholds in Jabalya; IDF and ISA forces conducted a targeted raid on a Hamas command and control center

IDF troops are operating in the area of Jabalya, after completing the encirclement of the Jabalya camp. Over the past day, IDF troops operated in Hamas strongholds and destroyed terrorist infrastructure in the area. During the activity, the IDF took control of key military posts from which attacks on IDF troops have been carried out. The troops struck terrorist infrastructure, located weapons and launchers in civilian compounds, and directed aerial forces to strike numerous terrorists.

Yesterday (Monday), IAF and IDF troops struck buildings used by “Nukhba” terrorists for military activity and eliminated other Hamas terrorists. During the activity, IDF troops located and destroyed rockets found in the garden of a residence in the northern Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, IDF and ISA forces conducted a targeted raid on a Hamas Internal Security Forces command and control center in Jabalya where they located observation and control materials, weapons, and maps.

Moreover, over the past day, Israeli Navy forces supported ground troops with strikes on dozens of operational targets belonging to terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip. These targets include compounds from which terrorists attacked and fired mortar shells at the forces.

Video of IDF strikes:

Video of strikes by the Israeli Navy:

Video of IDF activity in the Gaza Strip:

Photos of the rockets that were located:

Photos of IDF troops in the Gaza Strip:

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