Dec. 06 – IDF: Cleared for publication: The 98th Division and the IDF Special Forces Division, are operating and fighting for the first time in the heart of Khan Yunis

The 98th Division, which includes the Commando Unit and other special forces, began operations in the area of ​Khan Yunis against Hamas strongholds. Within a few hours, the soldiers pierced through the defensive lines of the Khan Yunis Brigade, encircling it and for the first time began to operate in the heart of the area. From the outset, the troops eliminated a number of terrorists in encounters and with aerial support, located approximately 30 tunnel shafts and destroyed them.

The forces struck multiple terrorist targets in the area. The forces raided a Hamas battalion post, and found weapons and intelligence materials. At the same time, other IDF troops are encircling the city of Khan Yunis.

The Commando Unit and the Givati ​​Brigade arrived at the center of Khan Yunis and began targeted raids in the heart of the city. The soldiers eliminated terrorists, destroyed terrorist infrastructure and located weapons. In addition, terrorist targets were struck, including a mosque that was used as a storage facility for weapons.

The Khan Yunis Brigade is one of the two of Hamas’ most significant brigades. The city of Khan Yunis is a terrorist stronghold and is identified as a symbol of its military and administrative rule. The entire leadership of the Hamas terrorist organization – both military and political – proliferated in the area of Khan Yunis, amongst them Yahya Sinwar, Muhammad Sinwar and Muhammad Def. Currently, the area is secured by the 98th Division.

Footage from the body cameras of the commando fighters from the combat in Khan Yunis :

Footage from the offensive carried out by the soldiers of the “Duvdevan” unit in Khan Yunis:

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