Dec.08 – IDF: “We launched a rapid, powerful, and focused operation, moving from tunnel to tunnel, from house to house”; step by step, this is how the 98th Division is operating in Khan Yunis

The forces of the 98th Division continue to fight in the Khan Yunis area, a main stronghold of the Hamas terrorist organization. The division’s troops have eliminated dozens of terrorists, conducted searches, destroyed tunnels and directed precise strikes from the ground and air.

The 7th Brigade began operations to break through Hamas’ lines, targeting dozens of anti-aircraft positions and enemy observation points. The soldiers raided the military post of Hamas’ ‘Dir al-Balah’ battalion and located weapons and intelligence.

The Givati Brigade, the 55th Brigade, and the 4th Brigade are encircling the city and conducting operations and raids on the battalions of the Khan Yunis Brigade of the Hamas terrorist organization. In a sustained raid by the forces, many weapons were found in a school, including rocket and mortar launchers, RPGs, explosives, and intelligence materials.

Soldiers of the 4th Brigade secured a Hamas command post inside a mosque where a terrorist cell was hiding. The terrorists were eliminated. Additionally, the forces eliminated a terrorist cell that tried to escape towards an underground tunnel.

Soldiers from the Commando Brigade raided the Hamas strongholds in Khan Yunis. Weapons, artillery launchers and intelligence materials were found in the residence of senior Hamas operatives. In addition, the soldiers are deploying the use of the precise ‘Iron Sting’ munition and are directing airstrikes and ground operations using accurate and precise fire.

Sync from the Commander of the 98th Division, BG Dan Goldfus:

Operational Activity of the 98th Division and an operational tour conducted by the Commander of the 98th Division:

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