Dec. 09 – IDF: “Terrorist down!” The troops identified suspicious movement, opened fire, and eliminated the terrorists – footage from the encounter of the IDF’s Yahalom combat engineering unit during the fighting in the Jabaliya area.

As part of the IDF’s combat operations in the Jabaliya neighborhood, “Yahalom” combat engineering unit’s special forces received information regarding the presence of terrorists in the area and their intention to fire at our forces.

Consequently, the soldiers carried out focused raids and identified suspicious movement in one of the buildings.
The troops conducted a firefight from outside the building. After entering the building, the troops searched and identified two terrorists who fired at them, and threw a grenade in their direction. The soldiers engaged, shot and eliminated the terrorist.

Footage from the encounter captured by the body cameras of the Yahalom unit troops, accompanied by explanations by the commander of the team:

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