Dec. 10 – IDF: For the first time since the beginning of ground operations: The Artillery Corps is operating inside the Gaza Strip

Since the start of the war, the Artillery Corps has been operating on the border of the Gaza Strip, assisting the ground forces with fire support for operations and rescue efforts.

In recent days, soldiers from the 282nd Brigade have been operating in the Gaza Strip, in cooperation with the 188th Brigade in the Shuja’iyya area of the Gaza Strip.

During their operation, the Artillery Corps struck over 20 terrorist targets, including weapons storage facilities, booby-trapped houses, and terror infrastructure of the Hamas terrorist organization.

Company Commander in the 411st Battalion of the 282nd Fire Brigade, CPT Yonatan:
“In recent days, the battalion has been assisting the 188th Armored Brigade in its operation in the Shuja’iyya area. As part of our mission, we fired explosive and smoke shells to support the troop’s advance and to provide cover fire for the rescue of forces that were engaged in combat by terrorists with machine guns and RPGs in narrow alleyways.”

“Several days ago, we entered the Shuja’iyya area with the artillery and fired shells at enemy infrastructure, booby-trapped houses and at weapons storage facilities. We completed the mission, destroyed over 20 buildings, and then returned to our area of deployment to assist the forces.”

Footage of the Artillery Corps’ activities and aerial footage of the strikes:

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