Dec. 10 – IDF: Evacuation of around 600 wounded in approximately 300 helicopter evacuations since the beginning of the war: Footage from the rescue activity in the Gaza Strip; starting today, information on the wounded will be updated on the IDF website

The IDF’s Air Force tactical search and rescue unit, Unit 669, doctors, and paramedics continue their rescue operations from the Gaza Strip. Over the past week, helicopter crews of the search and rescue helicopter squadrons (The Yanshuf and the Yas’ur), combat soldiers and doctors of Unit 669, along with the medical forces and paramedics on the ground, have carried out approximately 60 evacuations of wounded soldiers from combat zones, providing advanced and life-saving medical treatment.

These evacuations, which are carried out swiftly and under threat from the zone of combat, are added to the tally of evacuations, bringing the total to approximately 300 helicopter evacuations in which about 600 wounded have been evacuated since the beginning of the war.

The rescue operations are led by the assistance officers of the Israeli Air Force’s cooperation unit, responsible for the coordination between IDF ground and air forces.

Starting today, the data of the wounded since the beginning of the war will be updated on the IDF website in Hebrew. The data will be updated once a day at 13:00, and will appear at the following link:

Footage from an evacuation mission on 4.12.23:

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