Dec. 11 – IDF: IDF soldiers are continuing to operate in the Gaza Strip: Terrorists armed with shoulder-fired missiles struck by the IDF

IDF troops identified and then directed an aerial strike on terrorists armed with shoulder-fired missiles in the Shejaiya area in the Gaza Strip.

In the Jabalya area, the soldiers located explosive devices, AK-47 rifles, and an RPG which were hidden inside UNRWA-labeled bags inside a civilian residence. A truck containing long-distance rockets was also found near a school in the area.

During activity to clear an area in Jabalya from the danger of tunnel shafts and explosive devices, IDF troops located a lathe used for weapons production, as well as a Hamas launch site containing approximately 50 projectiles, some of which were loaded and ready to fire.

Over the past day, IDF ground troops also directed aerial strikes on dozens of terrorists in the Gaza Strip. In one incident, armed terrorists spotted exiting a medical clinic during operational activity were struck by the IDF.

Video of the strike on the terrorists armed with shoulder-fired missiles:

Video of the explosive devices uncovered in a civilian residence:

Video of IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

Photos of IDF troops in the Gaza Strip:

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