Dec. 10: IDF: “One terrorist eliminated in the alleyway”: footage of a hostile engagement of Nahal Reconnaissance Unit soldiers with terrorists in Jabalya

As part of the Nahal Reconnaissance Unit’s operations in Jabalya, the soldiers engaged in face-to-face combat with two terrorists. While one of the terrorists was immediately neutralized, the other was shot by the forces, wounded, and attempted to flee while continuing to shoot at the forces. After brief continued exchange of fire, the ground forces were directed from the air and eliminated the second terrorist.

The forces were operating in a dense and complex area, with significant presence of members of the Hamas terrorist organization. Over the past week, soldiers from the Nahal Reconnaissance Unit eliminated 67 terrorists in face-to-face encounters, with tank fire, and with direct fire support. Additionally, the soldiers located dozens of weapons and destroyed enemy infrastructure over the past week. To date, the Nahal Brigade has neutralized about 100 Hamas terrorists.

Helmet-camera footage from the operations of the Nahal Reconnaissance Unit:

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