Dec. 12 – IDF: Engaging terrorists, destroying tunnel networks and locating rockets and weaponry: Operations of the Paratroopers Brigade in Zaytun and Shejaiya

The Paratroopers Brigade operated over the past week in the Zaytun and Shejaiya areas in the heart of Gaza City. The soldiers eliminated terrorists, apprehended terrorists for interrogations, uncovered underground tunnels and destroyed four main underground tunnel networks. During searches in the areas and the residences of Hamas operatives, soldiers of the 7421st Battalion found ready-to-launch Grad missiles, hundreds of explosive devices, dozens of weapons, and a lathe used to produce rockets. Additionally, soldiers of the 202nd Battalion discovered several memory cards containing materials filmed by Hamas terrorists on Saturday, October 7th.

Commander of the Paratroopers Brigade:
“The most important thing is first and foremost our ability to protect one another, to complete the mission and return everyone home safely. You are doing incredible work – you are the Maccabees of this generation.”

Drone images from the elimination of terrorist cell by a tank gunner of the 202nd Battalion:

Photos of a weapons manufacturing lathe and weapons confiscated by soldiers of the 202nd Battalion:

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