Dec. 12 – IDF: Rocket launch post used to fire at the Israeli city of Sderot struck by the IAF; IDF operations against Hamas continue in the Gaza Strip

Over the past day, the IAF struck a number of launch posts used to fire rockets at Israelis across the country from inside the Gaza Strip. IDF troops in Jabalya identified a post launching rockets toward the city of Sderot. In response, the forces directed an aircraft that struck the launch post.

IDF troops conducted a targeted raid on a Hamas compound and located approximately 250 rockets, shells, and RPGs that were ready for use, as well as other weapons and military equipment. IDF troops also struck a weapon production factory where they located hundreds of grenades, rockets, and M72 LAW rockets.

Furthermore, Israeli naval forces identified a terrorist cell that was firing at the ground troops in the Gaza Strip and struck the cell.

Video of the strike on the launch post and weapons depot:

Video of IDF activity in the Gaza Strip:

Video of IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

Photos of IDF troops in the Gaza Strip:

Photo of the shells located by the IDF:

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