Dec.13 – IDF: The Golani Brigade fighting in the Shejaiya Kasbah: intensive battles with terrorists firing from civilian and underground infrastructure

Over the last week, Golani Brigade commanders and soldiers have been operating deep in the Shejaiya area in Gaza City. The troops have been targeting terrorist infrastructure and operatives in the Shejaiya Kasbah. The Kasbah is a compact area, with Hamas terrorists operating from inside civilian buildings and tunnel networks below ground. This is an advanced stage of our efforts to clear the area of Hamas terrorists and dismantle its capabilities.

During the operational activity, Golani troops engaged with terrorists who threw explosives at the soldiers and shot at them from inside a residential building in which underground terror infrastructure was also located. The commanders in the field showed bravery and composure, leading from the front and rushing to aid the wounded soldiers. During the heroic battle, commanders and soldiers fell in action while assisting and rescuing the troops in the building. Last night, after the conclusion of the incident, the Commanding Officer of the 36th Division held a situational assessment with Golani Brigade commanders.

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