February 08, 2024: IDF: Commanding Officer of the Northern Command, MG Ori Gordin, to the soldiers of the 188th Brigade training for combat in the north: “During these days, you are joining the defensive and offensive mission on the northern border. We have been in combat for four months, and we are not easing off. I see skilled and determined soldiers before me, who have achieved impressive results on the battlefield in Gaza. Now, we are preparing to convert your experience and abilities, as needed, to a different battlefield, here in the north. There is no substitute for the operational experience you have gained in recent months; it significantly amplifies our strength.”

The 36th Division, the Northern Command’s offensive division, has completed an intense combat operation in the Gaza Strip, during which the division’s soldiers significantly damaged the capabilities of the Hamas terrorist organization. Now, the division is increasing its readiness for operational plans against the northern enemy – in defense and offense.

As part of the process to enhance readiness on the northern border, this week, the 188th Brigade began a series of intensive exercises to strengthen the skills and preparedness of the brigade’s soldiers. The brigade’s soldiers conducted combat exercises in dense and built-up areas, in winter weather conditions, while training skills and techniques from the platoon level up to the level of the battalion combat teams.

The training combines armored, infantry, combat engineering and artillery forces practicing operations against the northern enemy, following the experience of ground operations in the Gaza Strip.

The exercises are led by the Northern Training Center (Ground Forces Training Center), where the training forces are implementing the lessons learned from the fighting in Gaza and making adjustments for combat in the north, including the various challenges regarding terrain and the enemy.

So far, over 50 battalion exercises and over 120 company exercises have been conducted in the Northern Training Center.

Sync of the Commanding Officer of the 188th Brigade, COL Or Vollozinsky: https://bit.ly/3HYCnDf

Footage from the visit of the Commanding Officer of the Northern Command, MG Ori Gordin, to the training: https://bit.ly/3SwVclZ

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Footage from training in the northern arena:https://bit.ly/3SQskGE

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