February 10, 2024: IDF: Killing terrorists, locating weapons, and striking terrorist infrastructure; intensive activities continue in western Khan Yunis and the northern and central Gaza Strip

IDF troops are continuing joint operations in the Gaza Strip. The troops are killing terrorists, locating numerous weapons, and, in parallel, the IAF continues to strike terrorist infrastructure with the direction of the ground troops. The troops are continuing intensive activities throughout Khan Yunis, the northern and central Gaza Strip

In central Gaza, IDF troops killed and apprehended terrorists throughout the past day. During the activity, the troops identified an armed terrorist cell in the area and responded by firing toward the terrorists, killing them.

In western Khan Yunis, IDF troops continue to conduct targeted raids on terrorist targets. IDF troops located numerous weapons, including AK-47 rifles, dozens of grenades and cartridges, RPGs, vests, and explosive devices.

IDF troops killed a number of terrorist cells in western Khan Yunis throughout the day. During strikes in the past day, IDF troops eliminated terrorists, located and confiscated additional weapons.

Video of the IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip: https://bit.ly/498gugJ

Photos of the IDF activity in the Gaza Strip: https://idfanc.activetrail.biz/ANC1002245066

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