February 11, 2024: IDF: Operating against terrorist infrastructure and eliminating dozens terrorists: Footage of the Paratroopers Brigade’s operations in Khan Yunis

Forces of the Paratroopers Brigade are engaged in intensive fighting in western Khan Yunis. The forces are conducting targeted raids on terrorist infrastructure and eliminated many dozens of terrorist operatives over the last week. The terrorists were killed by sniper fire, in close-quarters combat, by tank fire and with aerial fire support.

In an additional incident, the soldiers identified seven armed terrorists at a junction near the forces and eliminated them. Other forces encountered a group of six terrorists, three were neutralized by tank fire, and three other operatives who attempted to escape were killed by ground troops.

As part of the intensifying offensive against terrorist forces in the area, the soldiers throughly scanned dozens of sites where terrorist infrastructure was located. Numerous combat facilities, explosives, rigged buildings, and documents used for intelligence gathering were located. In one operation, an IDF unit entered a building where an explosive device was directed at the main entrance. The forces neutralized the device and in that same building also located AK-47s and ammunition.

During a raid on terrorist infrastructure, the forces located body cameras belonging to Hamas terrorists. The cameras contained footage that shows terrorists arming and rigging a building prior to the entry of the forces, the forces entering the building, disarming of the explosives and locating the weapons.

Parallel to the ground operation, the brigade’s Fire Control Center, in coordination with the Air Force, conducted several strikes on weapons storage facilities.

Footage from the helmet cameras of the Paratroopers Brigade in the Khan Yunis area: https://bit.ly/48ir2ZA

Footage from Hamas terrorists’ cameras – rigging a building: https://bit.ly/3OGqQfE

Related photos: https://idfanc.activetrail.biz/ANC110224051

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