February 11, 2024:IDF: Terrorists hiding inside the Al-Amal Hospital in Khan Yunis apprehended by IDF troops in operational activity conducted without harming patients or medical teams

Earlier this week, following intelligence from the ISA (Israel Security Agency) and the Intelligence Directorate (J2), the Givati Brigade combat team, Shayetet 13, and additional special forces carried out operational activity to apprehend terrorists hiding inside the Al-Amal Hospital in western Khan Yunis.

During the operational activity, the forces detained approximately 20 terrorists, including members of the Hamas terrorist organization who were hiding in the hospital. The detainees were transferred for further investigation by security forces in Israel.

The activity included prior coordination with the hospital, and the forces meticulously and selectively scanned the hospital without opening fire and without harming the patients or medical staff. After the operation, through the Coordination and Liaison Administration for Gaza of COGAT, the IDF facilitated the entry of dozens of oxygen cylinders donated by international organizations to the hospital’s patients.

IDF soldiers were briefed in advance in order to prevent any harm to patients, medical teams, civilians, and medical equipment, in accordance with international law.

This is further evidence of Hamas’ cynical exploitation of the Gazan civilian population, with Hamas’ use of hospitals and civilian infrastructure as shields for its terrorist operatives and activities.

The operation adds to the intense fighting in Western Khan Yunis and the intensification of ground operations in the area, during which hundreds of terrorists have been eliminated by IDF troops, and hundreds more who were apprehended after attempting to flee under the cover of the civilian population.

Video of the oxygen cylinders brought into the hospital by IDF forces:https://bit.ly/3wdIzor

Photos of the oxygen cylinders brought to treat patients in the hospital:https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC68324543

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