February 13, 2024: IDF: Evacuating the wounded while under fire in northern Gaza: special footage of the 7th Brigade’s evacuation company

The evacuation company of the 82nd Battalion from the 7th Brigade Combat Team includes medics and combat doctors, both reservists and soldiers in mandatory service, who have been operating at a high intensity in recent months. The company’s soldiers have been participating in combat since the beginning of the ground operation and work to carry out rapid and life-saving evacuations of injured soldiers during fighting in the northern and southern Gaza Strip.

During the advancement of the soldiers in the northern area of the Gaza Strip, an officer in the battalion was severely injured after an anti-tank missile hit a tank. The quick arrival of the evacuation company allowed the battalion’s doctors to provide him with life-saving first aid in the field and coordinated his aerial evacuation in cooperation with the IAF Control Unit to a hospital in Israel. While the officer was being evacuated by air, he received medical treatment by the soldiers of Unit 669 until he reached the hospital. The officer returned to combat after recovering from his injuries.

Footage of the 82nd Battalion rescuing the injured officer while under fire: https://bit.ly/3SWcqdO

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