February 13, 2024: IDF: The elimination and arrest of dozens of terrorists in a shelter in the Abasan al-Saghira area; footage of the 646th Brigade’s activity in Khan Yunis

The soldiers of the 646th Brigade are operating in the Abasan area in Khan Yunis, eliminating terrorists, operating and clearing terrorist infrastructure, as well as uncovering and neutralizing underground routes.
This week, the soldiers began an operation in the Abasan al-Saghira area, during which they located weapons, phones, grenades, cartridges, uniforms and combat documents of the Hamas terrorist organization.

During the operation, a humanitarian corridor was set up to evacuate the civilian population from a shelter in the area, through which thousands were evacuated. The shelter was used by Hamas, which cynically exploited the civilian population as a cover for its terrorism.

During the soldiers’ activity, an explosive exploded in a boobytrapped building. As a result of the explosion, the Commanding Officer of the 630th Battalion, LTC. (res.) Nathanel Alkobi z”l, the acting Company Commander in the 630th Battalion, MAJ (res.) Yair Cohen z”l and a reserve soldier in the 630th Battalion, SSF (res.) Ziv Chen z”l, were killed, and other soldiers were injured.

After rescuing the wounded, the forces continued their operation in the area and destroyed additional terrorist infrastructure.

Footage from the activity of the 646th Brigade’s soldiers in Khan Yunis: https://bit.ly/3SVW5WJ

Footage from the airstrike led by the Fire Control Center of the 646th Brigade:https://bit.ly/42FDMbv

Photos of the weapons that were found: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC387975

Additional photos: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC1258578

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