February 14, 2024: IDF: The Chief of the General Staff on the northern border: we do not compromise on the achievements – preparing for war in the north

Today (Wednesday), the Chief of the General Staff held a situational assessment and discussion with reserve commanders on the Lebanese border, together with the Commanding Officer of the Northern Command, MG Ori Gordin and the Commanding Officer of the 91st Galilee Division, BG Shay Kalper.

Later, he toured the city of Metula and met with the heads of the local authorities in the north.

Video from the Chief of the General Staff’s speech: https://bit.ly/4bzmGQB

Video from the visit: https://bit.ly/3HYETJJ

Atdditional photos: https://idfanc.activetrail.biz/ANC857659

Attached are the full words of the Chief of the General Staff: “I want you to know one thing – we are not finishing this without returning the residents to Metula and all the communities in the north, with a very high level of security. Now you ask me how this will happen? We are in uniform, as you are too, when you go home; the job is to think readiness for war. This is our first task, no one disagrees with us and we are now focusing on being prepared for war in the north.
This discourse between us and the local leadership here is a very, very important discourse, which is why I’m telling you – in the end we will be ready for war, if it doesn’t end in war, it won’t end in a compromise on the achievements – Hezbollah not on the fence – we will push back all the capabilities, it will be much quieter here, there will be much more stability here and then we will say to the residents ‘you can return’. Is it happening tomorrow? Probably not, it will take some time. I think, from my discourse with the leadership, that the residents also prefer (it to take) a little more time, but to be brought to a good result.”

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