February 21, 2024: IDF: IDF troops conducted a targeted raid in the Zaytun area in northern Gaza. During the activity, terrorists were killed, and numerous weapons were located. In parallel, IDF troops intensified activities in Khan Yunis

IDF troops operated in the area of Zaytun, south of Gaza City over the past day, and killed dozens of terrorists in ground encounters and targeted air strikes.

The troops secured the area and searched suspicious buildings. During the activity, the troops located weapons including an RPG and AK-47 rifle inside a residential building.
Using a drone, the troops identified a terrorist in the area. Following the identification, the troops killed the terrorists.

During an IDF activity, terrorists fired anti-tank missiles at the troops. IDF troops directed aircraft, including fighter jets and helicopters, that struck the terrorists and the structures from which they operated. The troops also directed additional aircraft to strike additional terror targets.

IDF troops directed the planning and execution of multiple aerial activities in the Zaytun area, targeting dozens of terror targets in which terror infrastructures, observation posts, weapon storage facilities, and underground targets were located.

In southern Gaza, troops intensified activities in Khan Yunis, targeting terror targets and killing dozens of terrorists.

Troops of the Givati Brigade conducted activities in eastern Khan Yunis and killed approximately 20 terrorists in encounters over the past day.
IDF Paratroopers expanded activities in western Khan Yunis, targeting and killing terrorists with precise sniper fire and striking terror infrastructure. Additionally, two armed terrorists on bicycles approached IDF troops, who responded and killed them.

Troops of the Commando Brigade also expanded activities in western Khan Yunis, killing a number of terrorists. During encounters, troops of the Egoz Unit targeted a terrorist with an RPG, accurately hitting him.

Video of the IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip: https://bit.ly/3T6I2xJ

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