February 25, 2024: IDF: During the last week, the precise and limited operation against the Hamas terrorist organization at the Nasser Hospital was concluded

Approximately 200 terror suspects were detained in the hospital and additional findings indicating terrorist activity in the area were discovered; Operations to supply the hospital with humanitarian aid continued, led by the Commando Brigade and the Coordination and Liaison Administration for Gaza

During the last week, the precise operation of the 98th Division and Shayetet 13 against the Hamas terrorist organization in the area of the Nasser Hospital was concluded. During the operational activity, boxes of sealed medicines were found in the hospital with the names of Israeli hostages on them, large quantities of weapons were found, and about 200 terrorists and suspects in terrorist activities were detained.

The operational activity was conducted to ensure minimal disruption to the hospital’s ongoing activities and without harming patients and medical staff. Furthermore, the soldiers of the division provided an alternative generator that allowed the hospital to continue functioning and treating patients, while all the vital systems of the hospital continued to operate on an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) throughout the operational activity. In addition, officers from the Coordination and Liaison Administration for Gaza coordinated the entry of professional officials to examine the electricity problem in the hospital.

Last week, the hospital received a supply of hundreds of food portions, including water, food, medical equipment and baby formula. Coordination was carried out with the international community to bring in a fuel tank to keep the hospital’s generators functioning.

As part of the effort to protect the patients, officers from the Coordination and Liaison Administration for Gaza coordinated, at the request of the hospital staff and in cooperation with the international community, the transfer of several critically ill patients to other hospitals in the area.

Before the soldiers exited the hospital, the area was cleaned and an additional food shipment was delivered to the hospital.

The IDF will continue to operate in accordance with international law against the Hamas terrorist organization, which systematically operates from hospitals and civilian infrastructure.

Sync of the Commanding Officer of a Combat Squadron in Shayetet 13, Cdr. A: https://bit.ly/3IdfE6L

Footage of the supply of fuel to the Nasser Hospital: https://bit.ly/3UQOFW0

Related photos: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/anc240220246845126845120

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