Found near a giant ferris wheel and a university: the Paratroopers Brigade exposed tunnel shafts and weapons during an operation in northern Gaza

As part of the ground operations in the Gaza Strip, the Paratroopers Brigade led a targeted operation in northern Gaza, during which the soldiers completed taking control of the area.

During the operation, soldiers of the Paratroopers Brigade exposed the shaft of an underground tunnel adjacent to an amusement park. The soldiers then destroyed the shaft. In addition, in cooperation with soldiers of the Armored Corps from the divisional combat team of the 7th Brigade, an underground tunnel shaft and a weapons warehouse were found near a university, containing chemical materials, RPGs, Claymore mines and more.

This is all further evidence of Hamas’ cynical use of the civilian population and various facilities as a human shield for its needs.

Video of the exposure of a tunnel shaft near an amusement park:

Sync of a Commander in the Paratroopers Reconnaissance Battalion, MAJ Roei, regarding the finding of the tunnel shaft in the area of the park:

Related photos:

Video of the exposure of a tunnel shaft and its destruction near the university:

Sync of the Commander of the 202nd Battalion of the Paratroopers Brigade, LTC Almog, regarding the finding of the tunnel shaft near the university:

Photos from locating the weapons warehouse:

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