IDF: Approximately 450 targets were struck throughout the past day; Numerous terrorists were killed in Khan Yunis; Israeli Navy forces struck Hamas terror infrastructure

Over the past day, approximately 450 targets were struck from the air, sea, and ground as IDF troops operating in the Gaza Strip continued extensive battles with terrorists. The troops continue to operate to locate and destroy underground tunnel shafts, weapons, and additional terror infrastructure.

As part of IDF activity in Khan Yunis, IDF troops directed IAF aircraft to kill numerous terrorists in a two-hour series of precise strikes.

Three terrorists identified by the troops were struck by a UAV. Two of them were killed and the third one revealed the location of the other terrorists who were hiding in a military compound preparing to launch rocket fire at our forces.

IDF troops and aircraft killed all of the terrorists in a series of aerial strikes.

In addition, in an overnight activity against Hamas naval and intelligence capabilities, Israeli Navy forces used precise ammunition to strike dozens of terror infrastructure sites used by the Hamas naval forces in the central and southern Gaza Strip.

The terror targets that were struck included military sites and posts where Hamas terrorists were operating, observation posts, and storage compounds containing weapons. IDF Naval forces continue to cooperate with ground troops to strike terror infrastructure.

Video of the strike on the terrorists:

Video of Israeli Navy forces’ activity:

Photos of IDF troops in the Gaza Strip:

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