IDF: As a Result of the Identification of Terrorists by the 869 Field Intelligence Unit, over 100 Hezbollah Terrorists were Eliminated Since the Beginning of the War

The 869 Field Intelligence Unit of the 91st Division is responsible for the multi-dimensional intelligence gathering in the Lebanese border region. Since the beginning of the war, the unit has been working diligently to gather intelligence, identify Hezbollah operatives, and finally – fulfill their mission of eliminating terrorist threats.

The Field Intelligence Control soldiers, the Field Intelligence combat soldiers, and the drone operators of the unit work with operational technological means and with the integration of ongoing initiated field intelligence operations.

Since the beginning of the war, the unit has identified over 100 terrorists and through precise high-quality intelligence, led to their elimination in cooperation with the operating troops on the ground, the Israeli Air Force, and artillery.

Attached is footage from the activity of Unit 869:

Attached is footage from the strikes following the identification of Unit 869 soldiers in Lebanon:

Attached are related photos:

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