IDF: Commander of Division 162: “The IDF and the 162nd Division are dismantling Hamas’ centers and capabilities it had built over the years”; The Nahal Brigade combined combat forces and the commando combat forces obtained operational control at Shati Camp in the last few hours

The forces of the 162nd Division are striking Hamas infrastructure and its operational capabilities. So far, the division forces have located more than 160 tunnel shafts and struck approximately 2800 terrorist infrastructure. In the Gaza Strip, the 162nd Division secured strategic Hamas assets, including the Force 17 outpost, the Hamas security quarter, Rantisi Hospital used by Hamas for military activities and holding hostages, and the Bader outpost.

The division forces have been actively operating in Shati camp, a central Hamas center in the Gaza Strip. Inside the camp are many Hamas infrastructure and battalions, including the Shati Battalion, which took a central part in the invasion and massacre of Saturday, October 7th.

The 401st Brigade’s combined combat forces entered the Gaza Strip and led the rest of the forces from the northern Gaza Strip into the Shati Camp. The combined combat forces of the Givati Brigade and forces from the 401st Brigade struck numerous targets on the outskirts of Shati Camp from ground and air. Among them were central buildings and government institutions belonging to the terrorist organization Hamas, from which terrorist activity was directed against the citizens of Israel and our forces.

The Nahal Brigade’s combined combat forces took control of the Shati outpost, destroyed terrorist infrastructure, eliminated terrorists and located 5 tunnel shafts. During the operation, the forces apprehended Hamas terrorists, who were transferred to Israeli territory for interrogation.

Forces from the Commando Brigade operated in the north of Shati camp to locate Shati battalion operatives and to destroy Hamas infrastructure. The forces of the brigade secured buildings deep inside the camp and struck many enemy infrastructure. In addition, they operated to clear a school area where anti-tank missile launchers, a large amount of weaponry and terrorist infrastructure were found.

Hours before the ground forces entered the Shati compound, the Air Force struck Hamas targets in the camp and the 215th Brigade opened fire in order to prepare the area for the operations of the ground forces.

In the words of the commander of Division 162, Lt. Col. Itzik Cohen: “We have created conditions for dismantling the military and governmental capabilities of Hamas in Gaza City. Since the beginning of the war, the IDF forces and the 162nd Division forces have been dismantling Hamas’ centers and capabilities it had built over the years. From the beginning of the ground operation, the division forces eliminated over 1000 terrorists. The forces also significantly decreased missile launches towards the State of Israel from the northern Gaza Strip, reducing them by approximately 80 percent.”

Footage of the 162nd Division’s operations in the Gaza Strip:

Footage of the 401st Brigade’s strikes in the Gaza Strip:

Bodycam footage from commanders in the 162nd Division during the activity:

Photos of the 162nd Division’s operations in the Gaza Strip:

Infographic on the summary of the 162nd Division’s operations in the northern Gaza Strip:

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