IDF: First footage of the Commando Brigade fighting in Gaza: the soldiers conducted operational activity in Al-Shati in the northern Gaza Strip

In the past week, soldiers of the Commando Brigade, together with soldiers of the Armored and Combat Engineering Corps and with air support, conducted operational activity north of Al-Shati, the densest area the IDF has operated in since the beginning of the fighting in Gaza.

During the operational activity, the Commando Brigade coordinated 54 precise strikes from the air, sea and land, during which Hamas terrorists were eliminated and terrorist infrastructure, booby-trapped buildings and tunnel shafts were destroyed.

In parallel, the soldiers conducted operational activity at a booby-trapped hotel in the northern Gaza Strip, and found large stockpiles of weapons.

The weapons were subsequently destroyed by the IDF.

Video from the body cameras of the soldiers of the Commando Brigade:

Video from the activities of the Commando soldiers in the Gaza Strip:

Sync of 1LT O., An Intelligence Officer in the Egoz Unit:


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