IDF: For the first time since its establishment in 2005 – the Kfir Brigade is operating in the Gaza Strip: Kfir forces located over 30 tunnel shafts and destroyed them

The Brigade soldiers are fighting in close-quarters with Hamas terrorists and are locating Hamas underground tunnels and destroying them.

The Kfir Brigade is cooperating with engineering, armor and artillery forces, which are operating in the northern Gaza Strip to defeat Hamas forces and to carry out additional tasks aimed at enabling the IDF to continue its operation in the Gaza Strip.

As part of the brigade’s activity in the Gaza Strip, soldiers uncovered more than 30 tunnel shafts. In addition, the soldiers directed dozens of airstrikes and about 100 artillery strikes and destroyed many Hamas targets. In addition, engineering forces from the brigade destroyed several strategic Hamas tunnels with weapons found inside them.

The words of Kfir Brigade Commander, Colonel (COL). Yaniv Barot: “The Kfir Brigade has been training for this moment. I am proud to lead the Brigade in its first-ever operation. I am confident that we will accomplish every task as to date in the war. The Brigade has located and destroyed more than 30 shafts until now in cooperation with other units. The cooperation with the Air Force is close and is very significant for operational success. In every day of battle, we learn, improve and refine our capabilities every day and we will continue to do so.”

Footage from the Kfir Brigade activity in the Gaza Strip:

Footage of a tunnel shaft located by the Kfir Brigade soldiers:

Photos on the subject:

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