IDF ground troops are continuing to operate in the Gaza Strip – eliminating terrorists and directing aircraft and artillery to strike terrorist infrastructure. Since the beginning of the ground operation, the IDF has taken control of 11 military posts belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization.

In addition, IDF soldiers identified a suspicious vehicle parked in a necessary transit area used by the troops. Following inspections, the troops confirmed that the vehicle was rigged with explosives – which was subsequently struck by aircraft. During additional ground activity in the Gaza Strip, IDF troops located and destroyed an underground tunnel route near a school.
Moreover, IDF soldiers identified a terrorist cell approaching IDF troops who were operating in the area. Aircraft struck the cell, removing the threat.

Overnight, IDF naval forces struck infrastructure used by the Hamas terrorist organization against IDF troops in the northern Gaza Strip. In addition, weapons depots containing equipment used by Hamas naval forces were struck. IDF infantry forces in the Gaza Strip identified military targets inside the Al-Shati Camp and directed IDF Naval Forces which struck the targets.

Video footage of the IDF troops’ activity in the Gaza Strip:

Video footage of the strikes in the Gaza Strip:

Photographs on the subject:

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