IDF: IDF precise operations against terror targets in the Gaza Strip continue; Anti-tank missile found under a baby’s crib

As part of the IDF’s activities in the Gaza Strip over the last day, IDF aircraft struck approximately 250 Hamas terror targets. Among the targets struck were dozens of terrorists, rocket launchers, and terrorist infrastructure.

Overnight, IDF troops directed a fighter jet to strike a rocket launch post from which rockets were fired toward central Israel yesterday (Monday). The post was located near a residential area of the civilian population.

In addition, IDF ground troops located a significant weapons stockpile in the residence of a senior Nukhba terrorist in the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, IDF ground troops located an anti-tank missile hidden under a baby’s crib.

Video footage of the IDF’s activity in the Gaza Strip:

Video footage of the strikes in the Gaza Strip:

Video footage of the precise strike on the launching post embedded in a civilian area:

Photos of the weapons found during the combat:

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