IDF soldiers conducted counterterrorism activity in the Jenin Camp and an IDF UAV struck an armed terrorist cell in the Jenin Camp

Today (Thursday), directed by the ISA, IDF and Israel Border Police forces conducted a counterterrorism activity in the Jenin camp.

During the counterterrorism activity, forces exchanged fire with armed terrorists, over ten terrorists were killed, and over 20 wanted suspects were apprehended, among them Nur and Minur Salma, Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists. In addition, Two M-16 rifles, a “Carlo” gun, three handguns, ammunition, and military equipment were seized.

IDF soldiers located and destroyed an underground tunnel shaft containing ready-to-use explosive devices. During searches in a building, additional weapons were found, as well as ammunition and military equipment.

IDF soldiers neutralized a terrorist who fired at them and confiscated his M-16 rifle and cartridges. In addition, they destroyed a vehicle containing weapons.

During the soldiers’ exit they faced armed terrorists and killed two of them. They also confiscated two M-4 carbines and a handgun.

Furthermore, following an identification by IDF drones, IDF engaged and killed an armed terrorist cell which endangered the soldiers in the area. Several terrorists were killed as a result of the strike.

Video footage of the underground tunnel shaft that was located with the ready-to-use explosive devices:

Photos of the confiscated weapons:

Attached is related video footage:

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