IDF soldiers inside the terror tunnel complex at the Shifa Hospital: the IDF exposes the terror tunnel routes, dozens of meters of a tunnel system which also passes under the Qatari Building in the hospital complex, as well as rooms where Hamas terrorists can operate and stay for extended periods

IDF and ISA special forces, including the Shaldag, Oketz and Yahalom Units, as well as special forces under the command of the 7th Brigade, are continuing to expose the tunnel complex. They also revealed that the terror tunnel extends from under the hospital building and reaches the Qatari Building within the hospital complex.

Behind the breached blast door, soldiers discovered an air-conditioned hideout room and a bathroom. The soldiers of the 7th Brigade also located two additional tunnel shafts near the hospital: one on a nearby street and the other in a nearby house.

The findings unequivocally display Hamas’ deliberate method of operating underneath hospitals. The terrorist organization also exploits the hospital buildings, using them to store weapons in and as terrorist headquarters.

Orientation by the IDF Spokesperson, RDML Daniel Hagari, on the Hamas tunnel methodology in the Shifa Hospital complex:

Drone footage from inside the tunnel under the hospital:

The IDF Spokesperson, RDML Daniel Hagari inside the tunnel complex under the hospital:

The IDF Spokesperson, RDML Daniel Hagari in a house near the hospital complex:

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