IDF: Terrorist infrastructure and weapons found embedded in the heart of civilian areas in Shejaiya

Over the last few days, the 36th Division have been fighting in close-quarter combat with terrorists. The forces located and destroyed weapons and underground infrastructure, predominantly located inside and in the vicinity of civilian buildings. The soldiers are continuing to operate to dismantle Hamas’ capabilities in the area.

In battles on the ground in the Gaza Strip, soldiers of the Golani Brigade have fought against and eliminated dozens of terrorists. The forces have also located tunnel shafts and rocket launchers in the area. Simultaneously, IDF soldiers from the Kfir Brigade located RPG launchers, ammunition and other equipment belonging to Hamas inside a civilian residential building. In addition, the forces located a terror tunnel shaft inside a school in the area.

The 188th Brigade in cooperation with the Yahalom Unit located and destroyed seven tunnel shafts in the area, eliminated dozens of terrorists and located a large amount of ammunition, expolsives and weapons. The soldiers also located a tunnel shaft inside a school in the area, where the soldiers encountered the terrorists at close-quarters until they eliminated the terrorists.

Footage the Haruv Patrol locating weaponry in the area of ​​Shejaiya:

Photos of the weapons and shafts located by the Division forces:

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