IDF: The 162nd Division is operating against terrorist infrastructure and operatives in the Jabalia area in the northern Gaza Strip

As part of ongoing IDF ground operations in the Gaza Strip, the 162nd Division, in collaboration with the IAF, operated in preparing the battlefield in the area of Jabalia. The attacks on terror targets included support from fighter jets and UAVs. During the battle, the division struck three tunnel shafts in the area of Jabalia, in which terrorists were hiding.

The 401st Brigade engaged terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip, during which they killed terrorists and directed aircraft to attack from the air. In addition, the forces located and destroyed rocket launchers.

The troops from the Nahal Brigade killed dozens of terrorists over the past few days with support of tanks and UAVs.

Additionally, combat squads of the 551st Brigade, in collaboration with special forces, operated north of Jabalia in order to eliminate the terror targets in the area and clear a path for divisional forces and neutralized terrorist targets in the area. During the operation, troops killed dozens of terrorists with air support, captured enemy weapons in various locations, including private houses and children’s bedrooms, and located and destroyed tunnel shafts.

Video of the Nahal Brigade operation in the Jabalia area:

Video of the 401st Brigade operation in the Jabalia area:

Footage of the troops’ operation:

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