IDF: The 7th Brigade and Golani Brigade forces secured control of central Hamas control centers and eliminated terrorists

In recent days, forces from both the 7th Brigade and the Golani Brigade conducted operations in Sheikh Ijlin and Rimal, securing control over government institutions that Hamas utilized for military purposes.

Combined combat forces in the 7th Brigade secured the Hamas legislature and government building, the Hamas police headquarters and an engineering faculty used for weapons production and development. During the operation, the forces took control of the Gizat compound, which contains Hamas training facilities, an operational situation room, detention and interrogation facilities. Hamas weapons, as well as training and study materials were located in the facility.

Furthermore, the Golani Brigade combined combat forces successfully secured the Governor’s Residence, identified as a facility used by the Hamas terror organization. This building housed both Hamas military and police offices and the organization’s military intelligence offices, headquarters, and various outposts. Some of these outposts were used by Hamas for training in preparation for the invasion into Israel on Saturday, October 7th.

Footage of the 7th Brigade combined combat forces in the Gaza Strip:

Sync of the Commander of the 603rd Battalion, LTC Gilad:

Footage of Golani forces in the Gaza Strip:

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