IDF: Weapons hidden under children’s beds and underground terrorist infrastructure: the 401st Brigade operated on the outskirts of Jabalya

The 401st Brigade combat team found four tunnel shafts of significant depth in an area on the outskirts of Jabalya from which heavy mortar fire was launched toward Israel. These tunnel shafts used by the Hamas terrorist organization, which are connected to the electrical network, converged at a central tunnel shaft located in a building connected to a senior Hamas operative.

Additionally, a large number of weapons were found in numerous bedrooms and under children’s beds in a building linked to another senior Hamas operative. Operational plans and numerous weapons were discovered as well. All materials were transferred to the Document and Technical Collection Unit of the Intelligence Directorate for further examination and distribution to combat forces.

Commanding Officer of the 401st Brigade, Colonel Binyamin Aharon:
“This is a successful day for the 401st Brigade. We found long-range rockets, launch shafts, and four operational Hamas tunnel shafts. We reached the ‘heart’ of the Hamas infrastructure and found the operational home of a senior terrorist, which included weapons and ammunition, all hidden under his children’s beds and in closets. We operated to expose the area used to launch rockets into the depths of Israel for years.”

Footage of the discovery of weapons under children’s beds and activities of the Shaked Battalion, the 401st Brigade, in the Gaza Strip:

Photos from the activities of the 401st Brigade:

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