January 01, 2024: IDF: This morning (Monday), the IDF identified a terrorist cell that attempted to launch UAVs toward Israeli territory.

The terrorist cell was struck by an IAF aircraft before it was able to carry out the launches and the UAVs that the cell used were destroyed.

The Hezbollah terrorist organization also attempted to launch hostile aircraft from a civilian area in Maroun El Ras, adjacent to the border with Israel, earlier today. This is a further example of Hezbollah’s use of civilian areas for its terrorist activity and its violations of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

IAF fighter jets also struck Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure in Lebanon.

Furthermore, following the sirens that sounded in northern Israel and the sirens concerning a hostile aircraft infiltration in Avivim in northern Israel, this was determined to be a false identification.

Video of the strikes: https://bit.ly/3tt8R5j

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