January 01, 2024: “If you don’t like it, I’ll put the bomb between you and your wife”: Investigations by Unit 504 reveal Hamas’ exploitation of Gazans

Two terrorists – one Hamas and one Islamic Jihad – investigated by Unit 504 of the IDF Intelligence Directorate reveal how Hamas exploits civilians and civilian areas in the Gaza Strip for its terrorist activity.

Zohadi Ali Zahadi Shahin – a Hamas operative in its Shati Battalion admits in his investigation that Hamas stopped Gazans who tried to move southwards to Rafah and transferred them to the Shifa Hospital. At the hospital, the terrorists stayed underground, but when they realized that the IDF was coming to the hospital, they went up to the ground floor where civilians were staying.

Footage from the investigation of Zohadi Ali Zahadi Shahin: https://bit.ly/3NHFZgw

Muhammad Darwish Amara – an Islamic Jihad operative from the group’s Gaza Brigade admitted that – despite his objections – a Hamas operative planted a bomb in his apartment where his children were staying.

Footage from the investigation of Muhammad Darwish Amara: https://bit.ly/3tzejDD

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