January 02, 2024: IDF: Joint operations between IDF naval, aerial, and ground forces to neutralize terrorists and explosives along the coast of the Gaza Strip

Over the past day, IDF naval forces and ground troops identified terrorists planting explosive devices along the coast of the Gaza Strip and inside compounds adjacent to coast. The terrorist operatives planned to detonate these explosives in attacks on IDF troops. In joint operations, IDF naval, aerial, and ground forces targeted a number of the terrorists and neutralized the explosives.

Furthermore, IDF troops identified three terrorists in southern Gaza City entering a terrorist compound. An IDF fighter jet struck the compound and killed the terrorists. After the strike, secondary explosions were observed, indicating that large quantities of weapons were stored inside the compound.

In addition, IDF ground troops struck terrorist infrastructure that posed a threat to the soldiers. The troops, directed by IDF intelligence, also conducted a targeted raid on operational compounds where weapons were stored, and terrorist activities were directed, in Khan Yunis. Numerous weapons were located. During searches in the central Gaza Strip, a weapons production facility, launch pits and long-range rocket launchers were located. The launchers were dismantled by IDF engineering forces.

Furthermore, IDF troops killed dozens of terrorists, among them those who attempted to plant explosive devices, others who operated drones, and those who were armed identified driving toward the forces in Jabalya. In addition, IDF troops located in Bureij a number of rocket launchers positioned adjacent to an UNRWA school.

Photos of the launchers located: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC21202320472

Video of IDF strikes: https://bit.ly/3vkHYRq

Video of Israeli Navy strikes on an area rigged with explosives adjacent to the coast: https://bit.ly/47iy1Bh

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