January 02, 2024: IDF: The Hamas terror organization uses civilian homes for terror: Long-range rockets were found at a family home; Dozens of RPGs and weapons found near civilian buildings, at the heart of civilian population.

In many civilian homes in El Bureij, the 188th Brigade and the Golani Brigade discovered weapons, rockets, tunnel shafts and intelligence materials belonging to the Hamas terror organization.

During the forces’ scans of the area, long-range (20 kilometers range) rockets were found in a family home. Additionally, in the family home, the forces discovered weapons which were used by Hamas.
The rockets were destroyed and the weapons were confiscated.

Directed by precise intelligence, the Golani combat team conducted a targeted raid on a civilian building in El Bureij, in which they discovered many weapons and ammunition, and dozens of shoulder-fired missiles and grenades.

Sync of the Commanding Officer of the 890th Battalion, LTC Yoni: https://bit.ly/3vgZgyR

Video of the weapons found by the 188th Brigade: https://bit.ly/3vikNqW

Video of the weapons found by the Golani combat team: https://bit.ly/3NNf7vE

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