January 03, 2024: IDF: Precision strikes against terrorists – UAVs neutralize threats against IDF soldiers in real-time

Israeli Air Force UAVs are constantly with IDF ground troops, providing direct and indirect support.

Indirect assistance is achieved through UAV operators’ communication with brigade forces and Israel Air Force ground control, who direct the UAVs to focus points and alert them to incidents and intelligence in the relevant areas. When UAVs are with the ground troops, the support they provide is direct and fully coordinated.

Additionally, the UAV Array carries out various missions including strikes, intelligence gathering, air cover for troops, and rapid support of ground forces. The UAVs accompany the forces from the air, striking terrorists who hide inside civilian buildings and urban areas to approach and attack IDF troops.

Footage of the Israeli Air Force support of ground forces: https://bit.ly/41JmKst

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