January 04, 2024: IDF: Nukhba terrorists who surrendered testify: Hamas terrorists were killed inside underground tunnels in the Khan Yunis Area

The 98th Division is operating in the Khan Yunis area, eliminating terrorists and striking terrorist infrastructure above and below ground. Additionally, the 4th and 55th Brigades have killed many terrorists in the northern and eastern battalions of the Khan Yunis Brigade and significantly impacted Hamas’ operational and command and control capabilities in the area.

The infrastructure dismantled by the 4th Brigade included a tunnel shaft leading to an underground tunnel network hundreds of meters long. This tunnel was used by terrorists, including Nukhba operatives who came to reinforce the terrorists of the Khan Yunis Brigade. With the dismantling of the tunnel network, five Nukhba terrorists surrendered to soldiers of the 55th Brigade operating in the area.

During field interrogations, the terrorists testified that many terrorists were killed during underground operations by the 4th Brigade combat engineering soldiers, including two platoon commanders from the northern and eastern battalions of the Khan Yunis Brigade.

Footage of the tunnel network discovered by soldiers near a mosque, in which Hamas terrorists were located and killed: https://bit.ly/3S5coQp

Footage from the surrender of the Nukhba terrorists: https://bit.ly/3NPBe4s

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