January 04, 2024: IDF: Underground Weapons Manufacturing Site Beneath Military Compound: IDF Soldiers Expose and Destroy Hamas’ Underground Military Compound on the Gaza Strip Coast

Last week, the 179th Brigade, Shayetet 13 and the Yahalom Unit completed a targeted raid on a Hamas terrorist organization military compound in the central Gaza Strip.

During the raid, the forces identified several tunnel shafts leading to a network of hundreds of meters of Hamas terror tunnels. Additionally, during the searches, the soldiers found a weapons cache which included mortars, grenades, and RPG missiles.

After locating the shafts, soldiers of Shayetet 13 and the Yahalom Unit identified additional tunnel shafts leading to an underground network with booby-trapped blast doors. Inside, the soldiers found a weapons manufacturing site with machinery, cooling fans, explosives, and materials used to extend the range of Hamas’ rockets.

After completing the targeted raid on the compound, the tunnel network was destroyed by the engineering forces of the 99th Division and the Yahalom Unit.

Attached is footage of the tunnel shafts and the destruction of the tunnel network in the central Gaza Strip: https://bit.ly/48EeyMl

Footage from inside the tunnel: https://bit.ly/3ROFkLe

Footage of the weapons found in the area: https://bit.ly/3NRsvyu

Aerial photograph of the tunnel network: https://idfanc.activetrail.biz/ANC412023204832874

Related photos: https://idfanc.activetrail.biz/AMC93467

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