January 05, 2024: IDF: Today (Friday) the former Vice President of the United States, Michael Pence, visited the IDF’s Northern Command.

As part of the visit, the Vice President met with the Commanding Officer of the Northern Command, MG Ori Gordin. During the meeting, General Gordin provided an operational update, including Hezbollah’s ongoing and blatant violations of UNSCR 1701. The general noted that the IDF is determined to protect the citizens of Israel and to ensure their safety.

In addition, Vice President Pence met with reserve soldiers of the 7338th Artillery Brigade who have have been protecting the northern border since October 7th. During the meeting, Pence noted the commitment of the reserve officers who left their jobs and families to protect their country, and their determination to continue to do so until security is fully restored to the north.

Related photos from the visit: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/anc0501202465416542351

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