January 05, 2024:

IDF: The High Rise District: weapons, a chemical laboratory for weapon production, tunnel shafts and anti-tank launch sites – the 646th Brigade and the Yahalom Special Engineering Unit demolish Hamas infrastructure

This week, an operation of the 646th Brigade was completed in cooperation with the Yahalom Special Engineering Unit in the High Rise district in the center of the Gaza Strip.

The area contains many high-rise buildings used by Hamas as sites for launching anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles at IDF forces. Loaded rocket launchers, buildings rigged with explosives, tunnel shafts, and numerous explosives were found in the area. During combat in the area, forces eliminated terrorists and located and destroyed many shafts.

During the operation, the brigade’s forces located various weapons, including sniper rifles, RPG launchers, AK-47s assault rifles, pistols and rifles. A chemical laboratory for weapon production was also located. Engineering forces, together with the Air Force, destroyed buildings rigged with explosives, observation posts and underground tunnel shafts.

Footage of a tunnel shaft located in the area: https://bit.ly/3voJHFr

Video of the Commander of Battalion 8105, LTC Erez: https://bit.ly/48Hl9FT

Photo of weapons found in the area: https://idfanc.activetrail.biz/ANC05012450167

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