January 07, 2024: IDF: IDF soldiers are continuing to operate in the Gaza Strip; the forces killed Nukbha terrorists loading weapons into a vehicle and dismantled a launch site that fired rockets toward Ashkelon

Earlier this week, rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip toward the city of Ashkelon. IDF ground troops located the source of fire in Beit Lahia and began conducting targeted raids in the area from which rockets were fired. Yesterday (Saturday), during the activity, the troops located a compound with dozens of rocket launchers, and combat engineering troops dismantled it.

In Bureij, IDF ground troops located four Nukhba terrorists loading weapons into a vehicle. An IDF UAV located the Nukhba cell entering the vehicle, and struck the terrorists and weapons. In addition, IDF drones located an armed terrorist advancing toward forces in the area and responded by striking the terrorist.

In the central Gaza Strip, IDF troops located a factory of lathes for weapons. In addition, two significant tunnel shafts were exposed in a compound in the area and adjacent to it. IDF combat engineering forces dismantled the shafts. During the activity, a number of terrorists were located and killed.

In Maghazi, IDF troops located a shaft containing numerous weapons.

Video of an IDF aircraft identification and strike on a terrorist cell: https://bit.ly/3Sa2ltJ

Sync of the Commander of the Nahal Brigade, COL Yair Zuckerman: ps://bit.ly/3TRtBye

Photos of the rocket launchers and weapons located: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC17202402937

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