January 08, 2024: IDF: Gazan civilians to officers of Unit 504: Hamas murdered a Gazan civilian who tried to get help from UNRWA, Hamas terrorists steal food from U.S. organizations and seize civilian homes

Gazan civilians testify to Hamas’ ongoing cynical and systematic use and abuse of civilians in the Gaza Strip in conversations with officers of Unit 504.

In one conversation, a Gazan civilian testified that Hamas murdered his cousin because he tried to seek help from UNRWA. In another conversation, a civilian said he does not leave his home because he fears Hamas will seize it and use the property to fire toward Israel and destroy his house.

In one conversation, a resident of the Gaza Strip who works for an American organization testified that Hamas terrorists tried to steal food intended for civilians in Gaza. The civilian noted that Hamas systematically steals equipment and food, including stealing from UNRWA warehouses.

Conversations of Gazan civilians with officers of Unit 504:

Testimony of a Gazan civilian regarding Hamas stealing food from Gazan civilians: https://bit.ly/48BImJS

Testimony of a Gazan civilian regarding Hamas seizing and destroying civilian homes in the Gaza Strip: https://bit.ly/3NTOV2k

Testimony of a Gazan civilian regarding Hamas killing civilians in the Gaza Strip:https://bit.ly/3U9KYdZ

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