January 08, 2024: IDF: The largest weapons production site found since the beginning of the war; the IDF took control of an underground missile manufacturing site used to produce long-range missiles capable of reaching northern Israel

In recent weeks, the 36th Division has been operating in Bureij in the central Gaza Strip, a dense civilian area used by Hamas terrorists to manufacture large quantities of weapons used by the terrorist organization during the October 7 massacre.

Soldiers of the 188th and Golani brigades uncovered several tunnel shafts reaching a depth of approximately 30 meters and, following precise intelligence, exposed a terrorist stronghold used to manufacture weapons. The soldiers also located many other underground production facilities used for the manufacturing of long-range rockets, explosives and accuracy enhancers for Hamas’s mortar shells, light weapons and UAVs. Additionally, the forces killed dozens of terrorists in the area.

The 188th Brigade secured control of the headquarters Hamas’ Bureij Battalion. During the operation, an observation control center was found. The Golani Brigade located the largest weapons production site discovered since the beginning of the war. In the area, the soldiers found components for long-range rockets that could be fired from the Gaza Strip as far as northern Israel, as well as mortar shells, explosives and ammunition. The area is connected through underground tunnel shafts to a branched tunnel network that was used to transport weapons to all the battalions of the Hamas terrorist organization throughout the Gaza Strip.

Since the beginning of the war, Hamas has indiscriminately fired thousands of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel, endangering civilian lives across the country. This intelligence-based divisional operation significantly impacted the enemy’s capability to produce and enhance these weapons.

Footage of the observation control center and the weapons found at the Bureij Battalion headquarters: https://bit.ly/3SjYBG9

Footage of the largest weapons production site discovered since the beginning of the war: https://bit.ly/3RMdkYR

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Photos from the forces’ operations in the area: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC080120240328678

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