January 12, 2024: IDF: Over 700 Hamas rocket launchers have been destroyed since the beginning of the war in Gaza: the IDF is operating to dismantle Hamas’ launching capabilities

IDF soldiers are operating in the Gaza Strip, seizing and destroying hundreds of rockets, including long-range rockets, and locating and destroying rocket launchers. Since the beginning of the ground operation, over 700 rocket launchers have been destroyed in airstrikes and ground forces operations.

As part of the forces’ activity in the Gaza Strip, the soldiers locate Hamas’ weapon caches and seize the missiles and rockets, and destroy Hamas’ rocket launchers in order to remove Hamas’ rocket launching capabilities and thwart further launches toward Israel.

During an aerial intelligence gathering mission by the 100th Squadron, Hamas was identified firing from a school and a mosque in the Gaza Strip, and the launchers in the area were neutralized.

Additionally, forces from the Golani Brigade located loaded and ready-to-launch rocket launchers inside a cemetery, and the rocket launchers were neutralized.

The Hamas terrorist organization endangers both Israeli and Gazan civilians by indiscriminately firing rockets at Israelis from rocket launchers located inside Gazan civilian buildings, including schools, mosques and residences.

Footage of strikes on rocket launchers in the Gaza Strip: https://bit.ly/3vqZ28k

Photos of rocket launchers found in the Gaza Strip: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/anc1201202468546548

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