January 14, 2024: IDF: IDF operations in the Gaza Strip against terrorist operatives and infrastructure are continuing; launch pits used to fire rockets at Israel destroyed by IDF troops.

In Maghazi, IDF troops identified two armed terrorists advancing toward a compound where the troops were located. The ground troops directed an IDF aircraft that struck and killed the terrorists, thwarting their attempt to attack the troops.

In Atatra, IDF troops located and destroyed a number of launch pits from which rockets were launched toward Israeli territory.

In Khan Yunis, there was an additional instance where IDF troops located two armed terrorists, and directed an IDF aircraft that struck and killed the terrorists. In addition, IDF tanks killed five terrorists and located an underground shaft in the area of the city.

Over the past day, IDF troops continued to operate in Khan Yunis, during which nine terrorists were killed during joint IAF and ground forces’ activities throughout the city.

Video of the identification and elimination of the two terrorists in Khan Yunis: https://bit.ly/3HgR6t9

Video of IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip over the past day: https://bit.ly/3vHhOs5

Photos of the launch pits located and destroyed: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC14120232043

Photos of IDF activity in the Gaza Strip: https://IDFANC.activetrail.biz/ANC1412023079423

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